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B-LINE's facilities are located just one hour from New York City Piers and 15 minutes from Port Elizabeth and Port Newark in New Jersey.

A strategically placed location that encompasses over 2 1/2 acres of property housing administrative services, technical testing, maintenance shop,  storage and container washing areas. These facilities hosts  a superior logistical support network to all the   transportation, hauling and intermodal services that include:

globul1a.gif (96 bytes) Computer Reporting
globul1a.gif (96 bytes) Shipment Tracking
globul1a.gif (96 bytes) Accurate Invoicing
globul1a.gif (96 bytes) Satisfactory D.O.T. Rating
globul1a.gif (96 bytes) State of The Art Communications
globul1a.gif (96 bytes) Compliance with DOT. Insurance & Regulations
globul1a.gif (96 bytes) Closely Monitored Maintenance Programs

Bonded Motor Carrier


Fully Insured


We are located in Newark New Jersey

67 Esther Street

Newark, NJ 07105

Our Phone #:

(973) 589 -7700

Our Fax #:

(973) 589 - 5374



email1.gif (4776 bytes) E-mail us to request additional information about our complete line of services and our custom packages tailored made to meet your company specifications or call us for more information.