B-LINE Trucking was established over 30 years ago and since has been in the Liquid loadingmach.jpg (8998 bytes)bulk handling service. The extensive experience of its work force and the loyal commitment to the industry has created for B-LINE a reputation in the business for excellence in the environment and management of intermodal ISO tanks.

Serving both the domestic and the international liquid bulk industry, our two companies, B-LINE TRUCKING and B-LINE INTERMODAL can provide your company with highly trained and dedicated professionals who operate modern equipment used to clean containers using the latest local and federal government standards.

B-LINE maintains  a fleet of  Drop-deck 40 foot chassis trailers to haul your 20 foot IMO-101 andwashmach.jpg (10067 bytes) IMO-102 ISO containers safely and legally. B-LINE most sophisticated equipment available which is certified to ensure a clean rejection-free unit. It also offers steam, detergent, caustic and hot water diesel wash with 190 degree hot water rinse and blow dry.

B-LINE's professional cleaning staff is highly trained in the most up to date safety techniques . We guarantee compliance with all local and Federal E.P.A. and D.E. P. requirements. B-LINEE-mail us at B Line Trucking is specialized in handling the total and complete bulk transport requirements of any kind. E-mail to request additional information about our complete line of services that we can provide to your company.